Social media and content creation agency Swindon.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and TikTok have dramatically changed the playing field when it comes to marketing your brand.

Looking for a social media management and content creation agency in Swindon?

To paraphrase TV politics guru Andrew Neill, Jazzbones will manage “the Fleecebook, the Twatter and the good old fashioned Interweb” so you don’t have to!

Whether you are a social media virgin or a tuned-on social influencer, used strategically social media platforms offer businesses of all shapes and sizes unprecedented access to targeted audiences. However, keeping your company’s social media accounts fresh and up-to-date is an incredibly time-consuming business. Time you could better spend on your core business, whatever that may be.

Creating an integral social media strategy involves asking traditional marketing questions about key messages and tone of voice, but it also raises new questions. Which social platforms match your target audience? What type of content to post? When to post? How to build engagement and customer loyalty?

Jazzbones will help you answer those questions and then deliver a bespoke content plan. We will create social media assets and share these on key social media platforms. We can manage these accounts on your behalf with the goal of driving online traffic for your business and products.

Social Media Services:
Social Media Consultancy / Social Media Planning / Social Media Analysis / Social Media Management / Social Media Reporting & Insights / Social Media Content Creation & Blog Writing / Social Media Video & Motion Graphics

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