Jazbones propels SMEs to bigger and better.

We love working with growing companies in Swindon and across the South West.


We love working with start-ups, growing companies and challenger brands.

SMEs – or small and medium-sized enterprises – are the heart of the UK economy and make up 99.9 per cent of the nation’s business population.

The UK definition of SME is generally a company with fewer than 250 employees. Interestingly, 96 per cent of the UK’s businesses have fewer than 10 employees.

Most of the latter companies tend to be local and if one thing has characterized Jazzbones since the very beginning it is our commitment to supporting small local companies in our hometown of Swindon.

Typically, these are businesses that are keen to put their branding, design and communications on a professional footing, but do not have the resources to invest in full-time personnel to do so.

For SMEs of this type, Jazzbones offers a one-stop shop for all their branding and design needs. We can do everything from comprehensive branding and brand assets for start-ups to website design, advertising campaigns, social media marketing, videos, copywriting and more.

Datalibrium IT Swindon

We help SMEs answer questions like does our branding still reflect who we are and what we do, is our website fit for purpose or what changes do we need to make to take our business to the next level and increase revenue.

Many SME owners or marketing managers really appreciate having a resource on tap that can deliver cost-effective branding and design, often on very short deadlines.

Over the years many of these SMEs have come to consider Jazzbones as partners, finding it much easier to deal with one reliable supplier who understands their USPs and brand guidelines (often we actually wrote the latter!).

Gaetano Italian Restaurant Swindon

Over the years Jazzbones has worked with SMEs in a whole range of sectors including GDS Global Display Solutions, Datalibrium, Peak Technologies (Peak Ryzex), South West Mortgages, Prospero Finance, Hackpen Hill Associates, Easymove Worldwide, Swindon Accident Solicitors, Gaetano Italian Restaurant, The Vault Bar Lounge, Red Five PR and SSC Industrial Flooring.

As a small business owner, you might think branding is something that’s best left to the Apples, the Googles and the McDonalds of the world. But the truth is, it doesn’t matter how big (or how small!) the company is; if you’re in business, you need to think about branding your business.

Larger companies have larger budgets to spend on branding. But you don’t need an Apple-sized bank account to build an effective branding strategy from the ground up. There are plenty of things Jazzbones can do to help your business stand out, grab your customers’ attention, and make your business memorable … all without blowing your budget.

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