New design gives fresh wings to Wiltshire Air Ambulance magazine

Given the relentlessly competitive nature of the charity sector, the most successful NGOs are the ones that recognise the need to refresh their communications on a regular basis. As a local charity that consistently punches above its weight, Wiltshire Air Ambulance (WAA) has always worked tirelessly to produce engaging communications that keep existing donors in the loop as well as attracting new supporters to the cause.

Magazines and newsletters have long been a mainstay of charity communications and despite the advent of Social Media and digital fundraising, traditional print media is still at the heart of charities’ CRM strategy and any effective call to action. Throw in the fact that more than half of donations to UK charities are from the over-60s and magazines are not going away anytime soon.

Over the years, Wiltshire Air Ambulance’s ‘Lift Off’ magazine has been a vital tool for engaging with supporters and deepening relationships with donors, volunteers and corporate backers. But time – and design – does not stand still, and WAA asked Jazzbones to build on our previous work for them by creating a more modern and contemporary design for ‘Lift Off’.

Wiltshire Air Ambulance Lift Off Magazine
Wiltshire Air Ambulance Lift Off Magazine Cover
Wiltshire Air Ambulance Lift Off Magazine infographic spread
Wiltshire Air Ambulance Lift Off Magazine spread
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Wiltshire Air Ambulance needs to raise £3.25 million a year to keep its helicopter flying and to help its crew save lives. The Jazzbones reboot of ‘Lift Off’ magazine is destined to play a major part in getting the charity’s message across, and attracting donations from supporters new and old. In line with WAA’s recent rebranding exercise, the magazine’s new design combines a more contemporary feel with a fresher colour palette (less yellow/green more grey). A combination of personal stories from people who have been rescued and helped by the Air Ambulance with fundraising and event updates make ‘Lift-Off’ a compelling read. Finally, as part of Jazzbones’ fully-integrated service, our production team managed the whole print process and delivered 30,000 copies of the magazine on eco-friendly stock.



"It was an absolute pleasure to work with the Jazzbones Creative team on our new look 'Lift Off' magazine. They really understand our need as a charity for call for actions, which was imperative for our Airbase Appeal that launched in early 2017. We've had a fantastic response from our supporters, many of whom have made donations and have commented on how much they enjoyed reading Lift Off and how much that they liked the new look design and layout." 

Design & Digital Coordinator - Wiltshire Air Ambulance

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