On brand advertising concepts and original illustrations capture the spirit of MG Motors’ new models

As a tight-knit team of all the talents, Jazzbones take great pride in our ability to pool resources and deliver urgent projects in record time. A case in point was our quick-fire response to a brief from MG Motors asking us to create a new campaign concept from scratch over a bank holiday weekend!

Our in-house designers and account directors boast extensive expertise in the automotive sector for manufacturers and dealerships (Honda, Rolls Royce, BMW, MINI, Land Rover, Alfa Romeo, Lotus, Nissan, etc.) and we are also unabashed petrolheads! So the chance to get our hands on a classic automotive marque like MG was too good to refuse, even given the time restraints.

The project involved creating MG’s 2017 campaign concepts to advertise the MG GS, the brand’s first ever SUV, and the MG3 supermini. As the brief charged us with presenting the cars in a fun way with a young family vibe we felt this would be a perfect opportunity to deploy the illustration skills of our multitalented graphic designers and illustrators.

Impromptu recces to MG dealerships in London and Bristol also helped our automotive experts create the perfect balance between concepts, strategic goals and creative output. Our research found that both models were perceived as highly competitive on price for such high spec cars and that this was a key selling point for MG dealers.

Our final campaign concept and visuals were based on the theme of imagination, the key message being “you don't need to imagine your dream car” because MG has created it for an affordable price with all the techs and specs typical of much higher price cars.


MG Motors illustrated advertisement campaign
MG Motors illustrated advertisement campaign, editorial magazine advert
MG Motors illustrated advertisement campaign poster
MG Motors illustrated advertisement campaign Social Media advertisment
MG Motors illustrated advertisement campaign poster illustration
MG Motors illustrated advertisement campaign bus stop posters
MG Motors illustrated advertisement campaign closeup


We combined the clients’ supplied images of the MG GS and the MG3 supermini with stylish and engaging illustrations which represent the viewers’ dreams and their imaginations running wild.

For the SUV we created a forest mountain backdrop with floating clouds, trees and a friendly bear. The MG3 illustrations capture the supermini traveling through a sci-fi inspired cityscape complete with a giant robot.



The client was delighted with the range of ideas presented in such a short time frame and MG’s marketing team were really excited by the possibilities of presenting the brand in such a fresh, contemporary and creative way.


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