Jazzbones Creative create luxury ticket gift box for Imagine Cruising’s high value customers

To improve the experience of high-end customers as part of a long-term CRM strategy, Jazzbones Creative created the ultra-luxurious ticket gift box for Imagine Cruising’s high value customers.

In the space of just four years, Imagine Cruising have secured a significant percentage of the highly competitive UK cruise market by offering a vast range of exquisitely designed holidays and by maximising the impact of their stunning ‘Masterpiece’ branding / advertising campaign, as created and delivered by Jazzbones.

As both the breadth and range of the company’s client base increases, our latest assignment for Imagine was to begin targeting different customer segments with more tailored communications as part of a longer term CRM strategy. Initially, we have focused on Imagine’s premium customers: people who spend over £8,000 on a cruise not only demand a premium holiday experience, they expect it to be packaged and presented in opulent style.

Following on from beautifully designed brochures, itineraries and luggage tags, the latest bespoke item for Imagine’s high-value customers is a luxury gift box which they receive after making their initial booking. Titled “Your Journey Begins Here”, the simple, clean design uses the gilded “Masterpiece” framing device to stunning effect against a matt black backdrop. The A5 size box was produced using deluxe materials, featuring a gold foiled logo, and as protection when it is handled in the post, the box comes in a wraparound corrugated sheet.

When Imagine’s customers receive this handsomely designed gift box at home, each member of this targeted audience will immediately feel valued and a part of an ‘exclusive’ cruise club.



Even before the customers set off on their cruise, Imagine will have sent a strong message – “You are a highly valued and select customer” – and have started to cultivate loyalty to the Imagine brand.