Popular Swindon Italian restaurant gets the full rebranding treatment from Jazzbones Creative.

Like generations of Sicilians before him, Gaetano left his tiny native island to seek a more prosperous life in the UK. Arriving in Swindon in the early ‘80s, the dashing young Italian opened Gaetano’s Restaurant in Victoria Road in 1982. Over thirty years later Gaetano’s is still going strong – more spacious and with even more rustic atmosphere, but still specializing in lovingly prepared dishes based on the home-cooked recipes young Gaetano learnt from his mama back in Sicily. The pizzas and pasta are to die for; our remit was to create branding that does them justice.


Gaetano's logo and brand design
Gretna's business card design
Gaetano's menu design and print
Gaetano's delivery takeaway box
Gaetano's branding


Gaetano’s has been a much-loved Swindon eatery for over 30 years, but like pizzas and spaghetti even the best brands need fresh ingredients! The restaurant’s new owners have inherited the authentic Italian values passed down through the generations from Gaetano, and they remain dedicated to bringing a touch of ‘la dolce vita’ to lovers of delicious Italian food and sumptuous wines. It was that authentic artisanal tradition with a contemporary twist that Jazzbones have mined to create a striking new brand identity, starting with a classy new logo and now being rolled out across Gaetano’s website, menus, pizza boxes and stationery.


Key Services

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