Jazzbones enthuse donors with second Direct Marketing pack for The Soldiers’ Charity

After the positive response to our 2016 Donor Recruitment campaign for ABF The Soldiers’ Charity, the veteran army charity asked us to follow up with the annual Spring Fundraising Pack which is mailed to all their existing donors.

As part of The Soldiers’ Charity communications strategic, the underlying theme for all fundraising appeals is ‘The Army Family’. A further aim of the spring campaign was to highlight the work the 73 year-old charity does supporting other army charities. Every year it enlists the support of 100+ smaller Army charities to provide specialist intervention and services.

One such charity partner is The Ripple Pond, co-founded by Julia Molony, the mother of Anthony Harris, a former Captain in the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers whose left leg was amputated below the knee after his armoured vehicle was attacked by the Taliban in Afghanistan in 2009.

A combination of Anthony’s heroism and Julia’s gutsy decision to found a new charity to support army families suffering similar trauma was the creative inspiration behind our DM pack and its overarching theme: “Together, we stand shoulder to shoulder with members of the Army Family when they need us the most.”

Once it was decided that Julia would be the letter signatory and that the content would emphasize both a mother’s experience and the values of the wider Army family (togetherness, solidarity, caring, loyalty) we turned to creating suitably warm and empathetic visual designs.

Our design team’s key decision was to deploy a paper cut-out of people holding hands as the campaign’s leitmotif, a visual approach which immediately creates a feeling of togetherness. Picking up the pack’s gatefold leaflet, you initially see just a male and female cut-out, but once the gatefold is opened it reveals more people, suggesting a network of support. Bespoke photos of Julia and Anthony are deployed alongside carefully selected stock images to reinforce the human factor and family theme.


ABF The Soldiers's Charity Fundraising pack. Letter and donation form
ABF The Soldiers's Charity Fundraising pack. Letter and envelope
ABF The Soldiers's Charity Fundraising pack. Leaflet


Convincing a charity’s donors to make donations which are then used to fund other charities, even when this is a highly practical way of rolling out effective support to soldiers and their families, was not the most straightforward brief. But faced with pulling together disparate and subtle themes, Jazzbones have produced another coherent and attractive direct fundraising pack for The Soldiers’ Charity and their deserving cause.


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