Jazzbones deliver persuasive fundraising campaign for Britain’s most trusted charity

Since its foundation as The Army Benevolent Fund in 1944, The Soldiers’ Charity has campaigned to raise funds for soldiers, veterans and their families as they struggle with bereavement, disabilities and other setbacks. Seventy-two years later, it is Britain’s ‘most trusted’ charity according to respected voluntary sector magazine, Third Sector.

After navigating our way through a rigorous agency tender and immersing ourselves in the client’s raison d’être and fundraising needs, we created an eye-catching direct mail pack for a cold audience. Early on we pitched two ideas which had a decisive impact on both the design and tone of the final pack.

First, we suggested placing The Soldiers’ Charity’s internal organisational driver – The Army Family – at the heart of its communications. Hence the ‘family-themed’ straplines on the different pack elements – ‘Family is the bond that ties us together’ (envelope & postcard); ‘Real Family are not just your relatives.’ (tri-fold leaflet & bookmark), etc.

Secondly, we requested that Sarah Adams, a tireless fundraiser whose son Private James Prosser was killed in Afghanistan, be invited to front the campaign as the appeal signatory rather than an army officer. Our thinking was that Sarah’s ‘first person’ voice would evoke a stronger emotional response and generate more donations, especially from a cold audience.

From that positive starting point we were able to create a strong DM pack with a persuasive call to action featuring a range of family case studies illustrated by sepia-tinged snapshots. A touching photo of Sarah Adams with her late son, James, really captures the sense of duty and sacrifice that epitomises the Army Family.


ABF The Soldiers Charity Sponsorship pack, donation form
ABF The Soldiers Charity Sponsorship pack letter and envelope.
ABF The Soldiers Charity Sponsorship pack brochure, leaflet and envelope.
ABF The Soldiers Charity Sponsorship pack, personal letter and postcard
ABF The Soldiers Charity full Sponsorship pack, bookmark and forms.

The Results

After capturing this major new client in the face of strong competition from London-based agencies, we converted a ‘blank page’ brief into a compelling direct mail pack – on message, on time and on budget. The Soldiers’ Charity were delighted with the way our proposals captured the organisation’s traditions, USPs and campaign goals, and quickly hired us for their next major DM campaign.



“You expect teething problems working with new agencies, but Jazzbones were the exception to the rule. They swiftly grasped what The Soldiers’ Charity stand for and our tone of voice. In fact, their first draft artwork and copy nailed the brief so well it barely needed any revisions.”

Head of Direct Marketing - ABF The Soldiers’ Charity.

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