Honing his craft for over 25 years.

A host of Jazzbones' clients benefit from the vast experience Nathan has gained in his 25+ year career in the creative sector. From humble beginings designing for print in a local print shop using his Rotring pen and drawing board to developing brand campaigns that are rolled out across the UK and internationally.

Discover more about Jazzbones founder Nathan Sandhu.

The year is 2005. Facebook is barely a year old and YouTube is about to be launched. The global dominance of digital marketing and social media remains the stuff of science fiction. In Swindon, a 28-year-old graphic designer called Nathan Sandhu, schooled in analogue design and print media, has a vision of his own.

That vision was to create a client-focused design and branding agency where egos are parked at the door. Where there is no time for ‘design for design’s sake’. Where every piece of work is judged solely by the concrete results it produces for the client; whether that means increased sales, more customer enquiries or a rise in donations to help local charities with fundraising.

Almost two decades later, Nathan’s vision is very much a reality. From its Swindon studio, Jazzbones’ team of many talents works with a diverse range of local, national and international clients on everything from cutting-edge branding, advertising campaigns and corporate videos to websites, eye-popping motion graphics and fully integrated marketing campaigns. The Jazzbones team apply their experience and creativity to deliver tangible results on brief, on time and on budget.

Nathan’s career highlights:

• Nathan has been in the design and marketing business for 25+ years
• Nathan designed his first website way back in 1997 - it was the first website for the marketing agency he worked for at the time
• Worked for various agencies in Swindon and the South West focused on branding, packaging, interiors and online
• Went freelance in 2003 and very quickly built a direct client base so started Jazzbones Creative
• The founding principles were to provide quality and cost-effective design and marketing services that generate genuine ROI
• Nathan now heads up a team of crack creative commandos including designers, web developers, photographers, video makers, copywriters, consultants and selected partners
• Nathan is really proud of the client partnerships that he has built over the years

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