03 September 2018

Wunderbar! Miele and Jazzbones celebrate 10-year
creative partnership

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of domestic appliances, the German multinational Miele is renowned for the premium quality of its products. As you would expect, they also invest considerable resources into making sure their marketing and advertising campaigns reflect the company’s market-leading status.

That makes Miele a fantastic client but also highly demanding when it comes to selecting creative partners, which is why Jazzbones is immensely proud to be celebrating a fruitful 10-year partnership with Miele UK.

Over the last decade, Jazzbones have successfully delivered over 500 projects for Miele covering everything from national advertising campaigns and online marketing collateral to in-store promotions, dealer catalogues and digital brochures. Most recently, we created the branding and a Welcome Pack for Miele’s Connoisseur 1899 Club, targeting high-end customers.

Perhaps our highest profile work was for the Wunderbar! campaign for Miele’s disruptive 10-year free warranty offer. Our sleek and eye-catching designs were to be seen everywhere from full-page ads in national newspapers and in-store promotions to digital billboards and London taxis. That national campaign helped Miele increase sales of selected products by more than 20%.

Not surprisingly, they were delighted by the results. The category manager at Miele had these lavish words of praise for us: “Jazzbones are a joy to work with. They have a deep understanding of brand values and personality and this is conveyed in every concept they deliver.

The founders of Miele stamped ‘Immer besser’ (Forever Better) onto their first products. These two words run like a continuous red thread throughout the one hundred-year history of Miele. It is a motto that Jazzbones have strived to live up to in our collaborations over the last ten years, and long may it continue.