Photography of popular Swindon florist.

Rosie Lea Florist is the cover star of Wigwam Magazine Issue No.2

As our images show, a house is not a home without a houseplant.

Rosie Lea Florists was established in 2014, first working out of a store in Wroughton and more recently becoming a home-based business.

Owner and creative whirlwind Jody invited Jazzbones photographers into her Swindon house for a Wigwam photo shoot that took in the lively lady herself and house plants for different rooms in the house.

We captured beautiful shots of Boston Ferns in the bathroom, Dragon Plants in the lounge, Snake Plants and Pachira Aquatica in the bedroom, Devils Ivy in the hallway, and Castanospermum Australe (the magic bean plant!) in the kitchen.

We love capturing great images of local movers and shakers but the Jazzbones team are experts in photo shoots of all types.

Whether you run a one-person business from your basement, have a small start-up that’s just getting off the ground (like Rosie Lea), or work for a giant multinational corporation, there are countless ways to use professional photography to your advantage.

Jazzbones work with a range of photographers so whether it’s a location shoot, a product shoot, a lifestyle shoot, or a portrait shoot, we will always match your brief with the perfect professional. The Rosie Lea images can be seen in issue 2 of the Wigwam magazine, which is also available digitally at: