Wedding brochure for world famous hotel.

Sorry, but Jazzbones is putting ‘romance’ and ‘marketing’ in the same sentence.

Memories are made of this.

Gretna Green is just a small village in Scotland but it is world famous as a wedding destination, and from Jane Austen to Downton Abbey it has long been used as fictional shorthand for love and marriage..

And as a gorgeous new wedding brochure designed by Jazzbones makes clear, the village’s most romantic location of all is The Greta Hall Hotel and Blacksmiths.

Over the last decade Jazzbones have created glossy brochures and catalogues for a diverse range of businesses in the travel and leisure sector, and if there’s one thing we’ve learned it’s that the most effective marketing materials accurately reflect the client’s product/service and positioning. So if we’re talking a premium ‘product’ like weddings at The Gretna Hall Hotel, the promotional materials need to be equally classy to have any chance of attracting the target audience.

Gretna Hall’s USP is essentially romance and heritage, so our starting point was to create a fitting leitmotif to run through the brochure. After a brainstorming ‘bromance’ in the Jazzbones studio, our copy team decided upon ‘Memories are made of this’, as in ‘Memories are made of … Romantic weddings since 1710’ on the cover, ‘Memories are made of...Our Historic Location’ for the introduction, ‘’Memories are made of … a luxury Bridal Suite’ for the facilities section, etc, etc.

Visually, we use a subtle blue font with blue drawings and icons to frame lovely colour photos of the hotel’s facilities. Adding a few sepia-tinted images of brides and grooms at the hotel creates a feeling of instant nostalgia. And as a final ‘call to action’ intended to evoke Gretna Green’s unique heritage we pepper the brochure with romantic quotes from Robert Burns. After all, who better to ‘market’ weddings at an iconic Scottish location than the Bard of Ayrshire, Scotland’s revered ‘national poet’?