Website refresh mirrors Star Developments’ exciting growth.

In many ways Star Developments are like Jazzbones, a forward-thinking company led by a real visionary.

Website refresh mirrors Star Developments’ exciting growth and an ongoing creative partnership.

In many ways Star Developments are like Jazzbones, a forward-thinking company led by a real visionary (for our very own Nathan Sandhu read Star’s Joe Walsh) and full of young get-up-and-go professionals, all bringing their particular skill set to the table. That meant this was a brief I couldn’t wait to get my teeth into.

Cotswolds-based Star Developments started out as a small building developer in 2010 concentrating mainly on one-off extensions and renovation projects. Over the last decade it has grown rapidly to become a multi-purpose builder and developer with a 14-strong team of full-time builders, carpenters, masons and decorators, and an even bigger network of specialist building contractors and tradesmen.



Like many SMEs and start-ups, Star came to Jazzbones to build and design their first ever website; in this case 8 years ago. The fact that the site was developed using our trademark Reuben CMS platform means that it can be refreshed at any time, which makes it both practical and highly cost-effective.

I set out to create a clean and clear, accessible website that was 'straight to the point’, using big header imagery to showcase projects coupled with an overlay highlighting the client’s key messages as soon as you land on the page.

Icon-based links (for carpentry, decorating, masonry, etc.) make the new site easy to navigate to the core pages of the site, whilst large white and light grey backgrounds make the pages feel more spacious, not smothering the user in information.

Combining Star’s core brand colours with a tried and tested, yet contemporary sans-serif web font (Roboto) we have produced a sleek and seamless website that acts as a great visual showcase for Star’s finalised projects across the Cotswolds.

Technically the brief was all about understanding the use of a mobile responsive layout and how to apply this whilst satisfying the back-end grid systems that hold the site together. As a designer it’s always exciting to see your own work published online and knowing its open to the public. Even better, we’ve had great feedback from Joe and his team; a case of onwards and upwards for both Jazzbones and Star Developments.