Website design for SSC Industrial Flooring Swindon.

We used Opensource website solutions to build a bespoke website.

SSC now have a website that is easy to update.

Swindon-based SSC Industrial Flooring work in a number of different industry sectors UK-wide, meaning they have experience in different environments, be it an empty warehouse unit or a busy manufacturing environment.

Their extensive range of flooring solutions include decorative finishes for front of house areas and practical surfaces where clients require a floor for a specific purpose, whether that’s a warehouse, a factory or an external car park.

A returning Jazzbones client, SSC felt that their existing website needed “jazzing-up” (no pun intended) to become more modern, fresh and streamlined. There was also an overload of information that needed simplifying.

We used Opensource website solutions to build the bespoke website, which has the advantage of being affordable and also easy to update with continuously evolving functionality and templates added to the equation by a worldwide network of users.

As the standout colour we used a fresh-looking Cyan teal (similar to turquoise) which works beautifully on a white or dark blue background and also within the pre-existing logo. We also selected a number of stock images which incorporate Cyan teal.

The oval shape used in the logo is also deployed in buttons throughout the site for a nice, coherent feel.

Overall, SSC’s new website is now fab looking, fit-for-purpose and moving forward it will be easy for them to update as the back-end has very adaptable page architecture and drag and drop functionality.