Video trailer for canal boat holidays in the UK.

Anglo Welsh Waterway Holidays are a market leader in narrowboat holidays.

Location video shoot captures the vibrant colours and charms of the UK’s waterways.

Bristol-based Anglo Welsh is one of the largest canal boat holiday companies in the UK, offering a choice of more than 160 boats and a myriad of circuits from ten bases across the length and breadth of England and Wales.

At the heart of Anglo Welsh’s marketing and sales is their annual holiday brochure. Boasting fifty-plus pages on glossy printed stock, premium design and original location photograph by Jazzbones’ ace photographers, it not only makes an attractive coffee table staple for narrowboat lovers but also generates a significant volume of Anglo Welsh’s annual sales.

Given the beautiful canal side locations we were delighted to get our video production team involved to shoot a teaser video for the launch of the latest Anglo Welsh holiday brochure and its narrowboat offer.

The setting was Bratch Locks near Wolverhampton, on the picturesque Staffordshire and Worcester Canal.

Bratch is a short cruise away from Anglo Welsh’s Great Haywood base at the crossroads of four major canal rings - they may call it the Black Country but the region’s waterways are a kaleidoscope of vibrant colours just waiting to be captured on film.

Opened in 1772 as a three-lock staircase, the Bratch Locks were later re-engineered as three separate locks. Served by two bridges, a toll house, and a keeper’s cottage, the whole forms a well-preserved example of vernacular Georgian architecture, built of mellow local brick.

Taking full advantage of that promising raw material, we delivered hi-resolution cinema quality film footage for use across Anglo Welsh’s marketing channels online and onscreen, starting with the video teaser posted on Social Media.

Whatever your sector, the Jazzbones video team can do what they did for Anglo Welsh; present your brand, product or service in a positive light with a clear call to action.