02 February 2018

Experience ‘The Future of Mobility’ as designed by Jazzbones Creative

As designers the Jazzbones crew love an all-embracing brief and as petrolheads we love anything to do with cars, so it was happy days all round when ALD Automotive handed us a ‘blank page’ and charged us with branding their brand-new customer experience facility in Bristol.

ALD Automotive is the European leader in vehicle leasing operations and their recently unveiled Mobility Experience Centre is a groundbreaking facility where clients participate in sessions that challenge traditional ways of approaching business travel and fleet management – all through the prism of interactive audio-visual gaming technology.

Jazzbones’ brief for this major UK launch was to create a wide range of Mobility Experience Centre collateral, including the interior design and signage for the Bristol mobility suite itself, a website landing page, event stands and flyers, printed invitations, digital marketing and Social Media.

ALD micro website, fully responsive.

Roller banner designs for exhibitions and shows.

After a series of dynamic brainstorming sessions with ALD’s marketing managers, we set about creating a visual identity that not only mirrors the futuristic nature of the Mobility Experience itself but also lends itself to a long-term communications campaign across both digital and print media.

Folder design and inserts.

Display design for exhibition show.

“We decided to employ a contemporary digital UI/UX style, to give ALD’s innovative brand approach to fleet management a futuristic, tech led, sci-fi  twist,” says Jazzbones senior designer, Mitchell Nelson. “We used abstract photos of vehicle light trails to represent moving vehicles and also to reference the notion of a forward-thinking brand that is in constant motion.”

“Using blue as the core colour helped us give the designs a strong futuristic feel without compromising ALD’s premium nature DNA. Meanwhile, our copywriting team created a similarly long-term call to action under the umbrella header ‘The best way to predict the future is to create it’.

Feedback has been extremely positive, both from the ALD marketing team and from fleet managers who have signed up for the Mobility Experience on the Jazzbones designed website or visited the Jazzbones designed facility in Bristol.

Nathan Sandhu 
Creative Director

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