Sustainability video project for Honda Motoring Europe.

Video production combines filmed interview and motion graphics.

Jazzbones has a considerable track record working with the automotive sector.

On our latest compelling project for Honda, we worked closely with the Sustainability team at Honda Europe based in Bracknell to develop a narrative that conveys the orgnisation’s Sustainable Development Goals and objectives to Honda Associates (employees) across Europe as set by the United Nations as part of the Global call to action to protect our planet for future generations.

Sustainability Development Goals

The Jazzbones video team planned, storyboarded, filmed on location in Bracknell, developed the motion graphics, produced the voice-over and provided Honda with the assets to share it with their Associates.
The style of the video follows on from internal comms projects for Honda of the UK Manufacturing, who were previously based in Swindon. It was our successful communications projects for Honda UK that led to us landing this brief for Honda Motor Europe.
In the introductory interview Ian Howells, Senior Vice President Honda Motor Europe, sets out the company’s sustainability pledges before the video turns to eye-catching motion graphics and bold, colourful icons to illustrate how Honda is building its approach based on the United Nations’ 17 sustainability goals.
The video also reveals the Honda pledge to ensure all their facilities in Europe will be powered 100% by renewable electricity with guarantee of origin by 2025 and how it is also committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2050.

Honda Motoring Europe
Nathan Sandhu, Jazzbones founder and managing creative director said, “It’s been brilliant working closely with the team at Honda Motoring Europe from the early stages of the project to really understand the scope and goals of Honda ME and how we could develop a video that clearly communicates the complex objectives of the sustainability initiative.”
“We have achieved this in a simple to understand way that will work for Associates from different countries across Europe and the client is really pleased with the finished result”.

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