31 August 2016

Strategic Social Media – The Longer You Wait, The More You Have To Lose!

Are you still dragging your heels when it comes to taking Social media marketing as seriously as traditional marketing? Do people at your company still refer to strategic Social media planning as the ‘next big thing’ in customer communications? If the answer to either of those questions is ‘yes’, your business risks placing itself at a serious disadvantage! Why? Because chances are your competitors are already wooing audiences on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus +, Pinterest, Instagram, Vine et al. And crucially, that means they’re engaged in a profitable conversation with your target audience: poaching your customers, pinching your donors, pitching to your potential clients.

Behind all the noise and bluster of what BBC politics guru Andrew Neill calls “the Fleecebook, the Twatter and the good old fashioned Interweb” there are some telling statistics: 92% of marketers claim that Social media is important for their business and 80% indicate that a Social media presence increases traffic to their websites.

“Social media is an amazing tool for reaching customers,” says Richard Branson. “It gives us a real-time view of how we can improve and helps us respond to customer issues more quickly than ever before.” Cynics might suggest that Branson’s 2.4 million followers on Twitter puts Virgin in a different league to smaller businesses. Branson himself rejects that claim: “Even if you’re launching a start-up, you should begin establishing a Social media presence immediately.”

Jazzbones’ Social media strategy for Coate Water Care proves that forward-thinking businesses can harness digital platforms to engage with their target audience, whatever their size and sector. A family-run concern with seven residential care homes, Coate Water Care hired Jazzbones to replace their outmoded website in 2014. A new mobile-responsive site proved incredibly successful in generating enquiries and driving business. In barely six months, Coate Water Care’s online traffic increased by a spectacular 44%. But that’s not the end of the story.
Creating a website should be the first stage in a company’s Social media strategy, not a one-off throw of the dice. It doesn’t matter how well designed a website is, if the content isn’t updated regularly or linked to ongoing Social media activity, it will struggle to attract repeat visits.

Luckily, the Coate Water Care team grasped this holistic approach from the get-go. Jazzbones now monitor and manage Coate Water Care’s Social media content on a daily basis. We respond swiftly to relevant industry news and also produce a steady stream of ‘good news’ stories from the company’s seven Care Homes. Crucially, every website update is mirrored on Social media where we post expertly-crafted messages on Twitter and Instagram; promoting home facilities and services, advertising career opportunities, sharing images of parties and special events. The result? Year-on-year visits to Coate Water Care’s website were up by 144% in March 2015 and the number of Twitter followers had increased by 380%.

The potential to engage with your customers by effective deployment of Social media is huge, but it can also be a maze for the uninitiated. To find out how to reach your target audience with an effective Social media programme, contact Nathan Sandhu (Creative Director) 01793 847 300 / nathan@jazzbones.co.uk

Benefits of a professionally managed social media strategy:

Increased Brand Recognition – More Brand Loyalty – More Sales Opportunities – Higher Conversion Rates – Increased Brand Authority – More Website Traffic – Lower Marketing Costs – Better SEO Rankings – Improved Customer Insight