18 March 2018

Staying fresh is the secret to staying strong in the digital age


It is often said that ‘if you stand still in business you die’, and that’s true of even the strongest brands - just ask Woolworth’s, BHS, Pan Am or Yahoo! And if being flexible was always relatively important, it’s absolutely fundamental in the digital age when things change at such a staggering pace.

Luckily, new technology can be harnessed in a way that allows companies to respond quickly to market trends and meet their customers’ changing expectations.

At Jazzbones Creative we spend as much time helping our clients to rebrand and reposition as we do on out-of-the-blocks branding. In many cases, that means taking a digital platform we have already built – say, a website and content management system (CMS) – and then adding fresh layers and content as and when needed.

As an innovative IT company, GHS IT Services are well aware that a dynamic, fit-for-purpose website and CMS is crucial. Three years ago we helped this rapidly growing company undergo a top to bottom rebranding process. Our brief involved building and designing a multifunctional website that GHS clients could use to access their full range of services, including remote support from IT engineers.

GHS website design, fully mobile responsive.


The core CMS remains as effective as the day it was built, but as GHS have streamlined their business proposition and refocused their priorities we have revisited the branding and website design accordingly.

The core branding and design aesthetic remains the same, but in line with current design trends, the updated website has a cleaner feel with less text and more icons. In terms of content, we have tweaked the design in a way that focuses on GHS core services rather than the kitchen sink approach. Best of all, the refresh didn’t break the bank!

One of the great things about using Jazzbones for website design and development is that your CMS platform can be amended and tweaked regularly at a modest cost. This can be done on a job-by-job basis or as part of a longer term strategic contract.

If only Woolworth’s had asked us to digitalise their brand!

Nathan Sandhu 
Creative Director