20 June 2017

Social Media Marketing is quick out of the blocks, cost-effective and results driven. What’s not to like?


There might be lots of nostalgic newspaper columnists who lament technological change in the media, but for the most part that is self-preservation. What they really object to are all those pesky young bloggers poaching their readers. Jazzbones is firmly in the progress camp – we genuinely believe that the Social Media revolution is the best thing to happen to communications since the invention of the printing press.

Mobile-adaptive websites, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Linked-In, etc. have certainly levelled the playing field when it comes to marketing. Used strategically, Social Media platforms offer businesses of all shapes and sizes unprecedented access to targeted audiences. And unlike traditional media formats, Social Media campaigns can help your company reach large audiences in record time without breaking the bank.

If the use of Social Media as a marketing and communication tool does have minor drawbacks, they relate to expertise and time. Luckily, we can help you there.

Creating an integral Social Media strategy involves asking traditional marketing questions about target audience, key message, tone of voice, etc. - but it also raises a bunch of new questions. Which social platforms match your target audience? What type of content to post? How to optimize SEO? What metrics to use?

In some ways, answering this type of question and launching your company, product, service, advertising campaign or appeal on Social Media is the easy part. In the long term, getting the ongoing content management right is the tricky bit, not to mention very time-consuming.

This reality leads the savvy business person to a key question: does my organisation have the in-house personnel and resources to generate relevant content, manage the flow of information, track results – day in, day out? For many companies – even larger companies - the answer is no. Which is where Social Media design and development specialists like Jazzbones step in.

In the past we have designed Social Media strategies for companies who eventually take over the content management. But more typically, clients find it more efficient to delegate the day-to-day management to our under-one-roof experts – Social Media planners, designers, copywriters, illustrators and animators.

It is an approach that works successfully for clients in diverse sectors including travel and leisure companies, estate agents, care providers, charities and legal practices.

Some clients get us to do website posts with Twitter feeds, others prefer Facebook infographics and animations. For some, we mix video promotions with competitions, others prefer insider news stories and sector updates. Some require content posted on a daily basis, others prefer a more staggered approach. Some charge us with targeting new customers, other use Social Media to engage with existing customers. The goals might be increased web traffic or ‘Likes’, lead generation, sales, or web referrals, but whatever the target, Jazzbones can provide ALL of the content, taking the stress away from clients.

By doing what we do best, you can concentrate on what you do best.

Nathan Sandhu 
Creative Director

The potential to engage with your customers through Social Media is huge and you don’t have to break the bank. To discuss our range of Social Media packages, contact Nathan Sandhu (Creative Director) 01793 847 300 / nathan@jazzbones.co.uk