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Content is King says Jazzbones' lead content creator.

Once upon a time, before digital marketing and social media, there was print and there were designers and there were copywriters.

Now the gals and guys with the creative genes are often referred to as content creators, regardless of their particular skill set. And as Bill Gates famously said, “Content is king”.

As content creators, Jazzbones target specific audiences in different contexts on behalf of our clients. That could be social media creation for a care home, website content and blog posts for an estate agent, promotional videos for a solicitor, e-newsletters for a property platform or digital advertising for an automotive company.

A key Jazzbones service is creating traditional brand-led content such as advertising, billboards, leaflets, brochures, editorial and so on, but let’s focus here on digital content creation.

Your brand look and feel make up a huge part of your image. But think of visual marketing as a first impression and content creation as the impression that lasts. Telling the story of your brand is what builds loyalty and in order to tell your brand’s story you need to mix branded visuals and actionable copy.

Digital content is a particular Jazzbones speciality. Sometimes we design and write a website from scratch and then manage it on an ongoing basis, as is the case with care home provider Coate Water Care. That means writing monthly blogs for the website, producing videos and social posts and updating information as the client grows.

On another occasions, we will design a brand-new website but the basic written content is provided by the client. This can be the case where the content is technical. Take new Jazzbones client, Topa Thermal, a global innovator and supplier of thermal systems. We created their branding and website including key straplines, but then we fine-tuned the copy provided by them.

Sometimes all-inclusive really does mean all-inclusive. Jazzbones is the publisher of Wigwam property and lifestyle website. We created it, produce it, write it, edit it, photograph and video for it.

Jazzbones Content Marketing and Social Media_Jasmine Harman

So, who’s doing all this work? Using old school nomenclature, our experienced team of content creators include graphic designers, illustrators, photographers, copywriters, and video producers.

What that disparate bunch of creatives have in common is Bill Gates’ belief that content is king. Some companies have a unique DNA. But many more offer similar products or services to their competitors. Creating content that will appeal and engage their target audience, and ultimately monetize that relationship, is the secret to successful marketing and standing out from the crowd.

At Jazzbones we like to think of our clients as partners, and who goes to bat for their partner without knowing what they are getting in to? We’ll work our socks off to get to know you and your brand/products/services as the indispensable step towards talking the same language as your customers.

Only then will we create the content that will grab your audience’s attention and stimulate the desired response, whether that’s a sale, an enquiry, a donation or a social media like.

Speak to our lead copywriter and content creator 'Jazzy' Jeff King, we would love to hear from you.