13 October 2020

Propel your business with Jazzbones' all-inclusive design services.


Jazzbones Propel


Propel - Jazzbones’ new unlimited graphic design service - helps businesses to continue communicating with their customers amidst Covid-19 restrictions.

As the country entered the first national lockdown back in March, Jazzbones – like companies throughout the country – was forced to reassess everything we do. As a company that can only thrive when its customers thrive, this involved looking at what we could do to help businesses faced by once-in-a-generation circumstances and an almost inevitable loss of income.

After plenty of internal debate and soul searching, we came up with Propel, an all-inclusive graphic design service which would provide much needed certainty in such uncertain times.

So what are the certainties offered by Propel? First, it guarantees access to an award-winning design team for a fixed period of time (from 3 months upwards). Second, it offers this range of work for a fixed price, tailored to these tough economic times.

The Propel all-inclusive design service from Jazzbones covers the key aspects of marketing communications including logo design, direct mail, signage, brochures, leaflets, motion graphics, website design, digital comms and much more.

Over the past few months a diverse range of companies, big and small, local, national and international, have signed up for Propel. Regardless of their sector – including pharmaceutical, local government, property, educational, tourism and the care sector – this has enabled them to ‘over perform’ in terms of marketing and communications compared to their competitors.

Our aim is to help companies access ‘business as usual’ design services at a time when ‘the new normal’ is the phrase on everybody’s lips. The lockdown has resulted in a marketing hibernation for most companies, but as we begin to return to some kind of normality, the businesses that will do best are those that re-energize their communications.

At Jazzbones Creative, we understand the challenges your business will face in the Covid-19 era, and Propel is our way of trying to support you. We also understand that businesses have to cut their cloth as revenues fall. For that reason we are offering a seven-day FREE trial of Propel, so that you can see how it works and the benefits it offers.

To find out more about this tailored, fixed-rate service, please call 01793 847300. The post-coronavirus market won’t be for the faint-hearted. Propel is here to help you take bold steps and not just survive, but thrive.


Nathan Sandhu 
Founder & Creative Director
Jazzbones Creative Ltd

To find out how we can help with your design and marketing requirements, please call 01793 847300.