29 January 2019

Pristine portrait photography embellishes team profiles for Swindon consultancy.


PFA Consulting is a classic example of a Swindon-based SME that may not be well-known outside of its own specialist sector, but has earned plaudits and crucially, repeat business, from clients and peers throughout the UK. In this case, for well over 30 years.

As a civil engineering consultancy providing expert advice and professional services to both private and public sector clients, PFA specializes in transportation planning, highways and infrastructure design, sustainable drainage and flood risk, and construction project management.

As a thriving SME, PFA has its own marketing team that is in the process of refreshing the company website, but there are still areas where professional support is required from outside suppliers. To that end, Jazzbones were approached to provide high-end photography to be used on the new PFA website and rolled out in other communications.

Jazzbones photographers spent the day at PFA’s attractive headquarters in Stratton, Swindon taking portraiture shots designed to accompany the team profiles on the company website. The result? With minimum retouching in the studio, PFA now has a set of highly professional images showing their team in the best possible light.

Nathan Sandhu
Jazzbones Creative Founder and Creative Director

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