Branding dovetails seamlessly with 3rd Edition’s values.

3rd Edition are hands-on artisans who create beautiful kitchens and bespoke furniture from their workshop in Swindon.

An integrated marketing campaign for a forward-thinking business.

Jazzbones Creative are meticulous designers who develop strategic branding and tailor-made marketing campaigns from a studio in the same town. We are both proud of Swindon’s industrial and design heritage. In a word, synergy! 

As creators of exquisite handcrafted furniture, the 3rd Edition team combine an appreciation for the broad sweep of design with a keen eye for detail. Jazzbones’ integrated marketing campaign for this forward-thinking business carefully references a manufacturing process that is equal parts advanced technology and traditional artisan skills. This in comparison to the ‘production line’ output of competitors with the same affluent target demographic but larger advertising budgets.

3rd Edition website design.

The streamlined design of our branding for 3rd Edition, exemplified by a new mobile responsive website and glossy brochures, is inspired by the company’s modern kitchen designs and the clean lines of a woodworking plane. The use of warm natural colours suggests a ‘welcoming home’ and the expertly crafted logo slices through the ‘3rd’ as if rendered by a plane. The eagle-eyed amongst you will have spotted that the new logo is coloured bronze; the ‘third’ of the natural elements. The sum of these individual design touches is an attractive online presence and a compelling ‘call to action’.

Given the client’s quality-driven USP and the premium finish of its artisanal wares, uninspiring stock images were never going to work on this campaign. With that in mind, Jazzbones’ photographers spent a day at 3rd Edition’s workshop capturing its hands-on approach to furniture building. A series of these eye-catching images feature on 3rd Edition’s website and brochures, and moving forward, the company boasts an extensive Image Library to be rolled-out across a range of marketing activities.