On message branding for fuel card provider.

Allstar Business Solutions are the UK’s leading provider of fuel cards with the country’s largest network of fuel sites.

Allstar brand toolkit produced by Jazzbones.

More than 38,000 businesses and over one million drivers use an Allstar fuel card; a card which delivers effective fuel management and gives company’s better visibility and control over their drivers’ fuel spend.

Over several years, Jazzbones have forged a fruitful relationship with Allstar on many design and branding briefs, from fully-fledged rebranding exercises to cost-effective marketing collateral and online assets, including digital display screens, direct mail packs and full-colour brochures.

2019 kicked off with another stimulating brief from Allstar, this one to be delivered on an extremely tight deadline. Allstar have several sub-brands which needed redesigning/refining so that they all sit in line with each other as well as feeling like their own individual brand. We developed each one meticulously to create a set of brand guidelines, so that Allstar’s marketing team have a set of long-term brand assets which they can roll out whilst keeping consistency.

Some of Allstar’s existing marketing materials lacked consistency, so it was a case of taking the core essence of each brand and carefully refining and evolving what we had into something new. Some of the sub-brands were developed in the existing style whilst others – including those for eco vehicles and non-fuel cards - required a fresh tone of voice.

As well as the brand guidelines we created a set of templates for each marketing medium in order to provide guidance as to how materials should look. For example, sale sheets, product brochures, PowerPoint slide decks, emailers, letters and social posts. Allstar were delighted with the results and the quick turnaround and we look forward to continuing a rewarding relationship.

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