29 March 2017

Size matters … except when it doesn’t. How marketing can make a big difference to your small business.


It is a well-worn myth that specialist design and professional branding are the preserve of big business. Yes, Jazzbones Creative’s client roster includes plenty of major companies, but here’s the rub – not one of them came kicking and screaming into the world of business as a household name or multinational. It’s more a case of from small acorns …

If you look at the early days of iconic companies like Apple one of the things that distinguished them from the competition was an understanding that investment in marketing and brand-building is crucial. As a young Steve Jobs observed: “It’s a complicated and noisy world, and we’re not going to get a chance to get people to remember much about us. No company is. So we have to be really clear about what we want them to know about us. You can have a great product but if communication fails, it’s like watching a stand-up comedian do a gig in a completely different language.”

Closer to home, Richard Branson started off selling student mags out of the back of a van. He didn’t become Britain’s go-to entrepreneur because Virgin records, airlines, banking, trains or media are better than the rest. Far from it! He got where he is today by investing as much time and resources into the Virgin brand as the company’s products and services.

Here at Jazzbones we have personal experience of start-up clients becoming major players in their sector in record time because they understood the importance of marketing and put their faith in us as professionals to design a strategy that delivered results. From logos and business names to targeted marketing and advertising we help small businesses create a successful brand that conveys the right messages. The initial investment doesn’t have to be stratospheric and you’ll be amazed at the long-term returns.

3rd edition branding

Take our work for bespoke furniture and kitchen manufacturer 3rd Edition, a small business of three craftsmen who are proud of their business and product and understand the value of good branding. We worked closely with them to develop their brand identity, stationery, signage, brochures, event promotions, photography and website. That package has helped them attract more direct customers and build a greater profit margin as previously they were working for lots of other larger contractors; and Jazzbones delivered it all for a little under £5,000!

Our relationship with clients like 3rd Edition demonstrates there are advantages to being small when it comes to effective branding. Many big companies have no soul – particularly those that have grown through mergers or expanded beyond their original product. Often, a large organization has thousands of employees with no clear idea what makes their brand special. Small businesses, by contrast, are ideally placed to generate the most accurate and therefore most effective branding.

3rd edition fully responsive website.

When companies are family-owned or have hands-on directors it’s a personal thing. All the components that make a successful brand – tone of voice, style, beliefs, purpose - aren’t artificial constructs, they’re just part of the everyday climate. You understand the core strengths of your company/brand because you live and breathe your business 24/7. As professional marketers, that really helps us at the first crucial stage of any campaign - getting to know our clients’ DNA. So size does matter … and when it comes to great marketing and branding, small often trumps big.

Nathan Sandhu 
Creative Director

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