15 March 2019

Marketing and Design for Start-Ups – the must-haves if you want to conquer the world!

Start-up scenario one: You’ve got a unique product/service and your fledgling business is exceeding expectations. Enquiries are flooding in and sales are higher than originally expected. Start-up scenario two: You’ve also got a unique product/service, but you’re struggling to reach your target audience and initial turnover is lower than forecast.

As marketing and design specialists, Jazzbones come across both scenarios on a regular basis, and though the question posed is different – in the first case, how do we take things to the next level? in the second, how do we really kick-start our business? – the answer is remarkably similar. In both cases, it involves giving your product/service a professional marketing and design strategy in partnership with proven experts in the field. After all, we don’t understand how to make cars, cakes or cables so why should you know how to design a fabulous logo or launch an attention-grabbing website?!

So, as an ambitious start-up what are the must-have marketing and design elements? For starters …

Remember, good, professional design is not a luxury.

If your website or marketing resembles amateur hour at the Apollo, then punters will presume your business is equally amateur. One survey showed that 94% of visitors do not trust websites with shabby design. Paying for professional web design or advertising will create consumer confidence and lead to higher sales. In other words, you can’t afford not to invest in quality marketing and design if you really want to compete, regardless of the market you are looking to enter or disrupt.

Mobile responsive websites.

Responsive web design (RWD) is an approach that makes web pages render well on a variety of devices and window or screen sizes (PCs, laptops, tablets, mobile phones). A responsive website in 2019 really is a MUST. Why? Well, some 67% of the world’s inhabitants already own a smartphone and that number is increasing. If your audience can’t access your website on their mobile, you’ve lost them before you’ve started. At Jazzbones we design and develop bespoke websites of all complexities that come alive on every type of device - from a small folio website to a fully functional e-commerce website all supported on our bespoke CMS if required.

What’s in a name?

When naming is done well - be it for a business, a brand, a product, an event - it paves the way for a good impression, enticing the listener or reader to come in closer, and a strong, memorable brand name can make all the difference at the start-up stage. Once you’ve identified a few name ideas, evaluate them based on ease of sound, appearance, appropriateness and relevancy to your target market. Does the name need to do what it says on the tin (Barclays Bank, British Telecom, Barratt Homes) or would more quirky or abstract capture the attention of your audience (Purple Bricks, Tesla, Ocado)? One initial tip; brevity lends itself to memorability (Nike, Apple, Twitter, Pixar, etc.) so a short and punchy name is often a good call.

A future-proof logo.

Though a brand is not all about the logo it should still be instantly recognizable, memorable, and maybe cue the product/service you are offering. It should also be future-proof; in other words, it must have legs. That means steering away from design trends which are likely to go out of date quickly. The Jazzbones team has a wide range of designer skills (from CGI specialists to ace illustrators) which means we can home in on what type of logo format sits best with your start-up and will continue to do the business over an extended period of time.

Colour / Typography.

Typography is not just about choosing a font style, it’s a combination of typographic elements such as font size, the text hierarchy, the arrangement, etc. Choosing an appropriate colour palette is equally important. Over half of the top 100 most valuable brands in a recent survey only used one colour in their branding, but choosing the most suitable colour makes all the difference to these companies (think Easy Jet and orange or Coca-Cola and red). The Jazzbones team includes old school graphic designers who lay in bed at night obsessing about Pantone charts and employing the perfect font!

Choose design and branding that works well across multiple formats.

One rookie design error is to choose a look that works well in one format (say, on a website) but doesn’t lend itself naturally to other elements (business cards, stationary, folders, T-shirts, uniforms, POS, vehicle graphics, etc.). At Jazzbones we always use an integrated approach to make sure you can roll-out your new design/branding across the board.

Summing up, many start-ups begin with a novel, brilliant idea, but this product obsession often overshadows the need to position the product/service to gain initial traction and build the business. The latter starts with smart, researched brand positioning that is genuinely relevant and distinct, and then using this brand identity to closely guide the development of all creative content and innovative marketing initiatives. Inevitably, that requires professional support.

Jazzbones has proven experience in every area of marketing and design and one of our specialities is helping start-ups to stand out from the crowd. You don’t need to break the bank either. Every design we create is bespoke and budgets are tailored accordingly. You will be genuinely surprised by what you can achieve with an accessible level of investment.

If you sense how important marketing and design is to the future of your start-up, I’d love to talk about what the Jazzbones team can bring to the table.

Jeff King
Jazzbones lead scriptwriter

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