Magazine ignites 'The Power of Dreams'.

New magazine ignites ‘The Power of Dreams’ message for Honda associates and partners.

Brand-led design solutions for the automotive sector.

As a Swindon-based brand and design agency Jazzbones Creative are thrilled to be trusted partners of automobile giants Honda, a company that has invested £1.5 billion in the town’s manufacturing plants over the course of 30 years and employs 3,400 local people..

In recent months, we have worked closely with Honda’s corporate communications team on several key internal comms projects; notably their rebooted quarterly magazine for associates (Honda’s own staff) and partners (dealers, other external partners), both in its traditional print and digital formats.

Pre-Jazzbones, Honda’s internal magazine palpably failed to meet its associates’ expectations and was insufficiently premium in both feel and content. Beyond some general brand guidelines in terms of logos and colour, Honda gave us creative license to design a brand-new magazine that sits more comfortably with the company’s innovative ‘The Power of Dreams’ branding and marketing campaigns.

We stepped up to the plate with a selection of well-received design options which eventually morphed into a new ‘fit for purpose’ magazine. The 210 mm square format showcases Honda at different levels of the organization with a more strategic focus designed to give associates a better insight into what the company is doing and where it is going.

Over 32 pages, the premium print mag includes attractively presented features on global business news, sustainability goals, production processes, and of course new models and designs, not least Europe’s first Honda Jet.

Cover star for the relaunched magazine is McLaren Honda driver Jenson Button, who is pictured making a pit stop at the Swindon plant ahead of the Silverstone Grand Prix. Sadly, Button didn’t have time for a test drive around the town’s world-famous Magic Roundabout!

Honda has a new quarterly magazine that will keep its staff, partners and visitors abreast of the company’s ‘big picture’ strategic thinking, giving ‘The Power of Dreams’ an inclusive focus that was previously lacking.