Kimmerfields development will revitalise Swindon.

Kimmerfields development will revitalise the heart of Swindon.

Swindon is one of the top 10 centres for innovtion.

Situated between Swindon’s railway station and the town’s existing shopping centre, the Kimmerfields mixed development of offices, retail units, cultural facilities and residential accommodation is set to transform further one of Britain’s economic boom towns..

One of the UK’s top 10 centres for innovation, Swindon has a working population of 100,000, a catchment population of 300,000 within a 30-minute journey time, and a diverse employment base centred around finance, insurance, manufacturing, distribution and the public sector. Many major companies have chosen to benefit from Swindon’s strategic location and its status as a dynamic business environment, a trend that the town centre Kimmerfields development is destined to boost still further.

This exceptional urban regeneration project will be home to up to eight new office blocks, 430 residential units, 100,000 square feet of retail and leisure space, generous public spaces and a new bus station.

Kimmerfields is not only one of the most exceptional urban developments in Britain, it is a project that is underpinned by innovative architectural principals. As such, Jazzbones were charged with creating a seductive brand identity that mirrored the development’s contemporary élan.

The strapline ‘Going out. Staying in. Doing business.’ reflects the three main strands of the development while the logo also mirrors the same three sectors using a bold colour palette: primarily, red (Commercial), yellow (Residential) and blue (Recreation).

A project that will kick-start Swindon’s high-quality town centre regeneration now has the bold brand identity it deserves.