Jazzbones rebrands established business news platform Business Biscuit.

Business Biscuit styles itself as the website and weekly emailer that delivers regional business news for smart cookies.

Rebrand for news platform Business Biscuit.

Yes, they like a biscuit analogy! But after 8 years of steady growth, it was time to bite the biscuit (sorry!) and address the fact that their original branding needed modernising. That’s where Jazzbones entered the story.

We were charged with totally refreshing the brand to give it a professional yet funky feel, suitable for the bitesize news stories that Business Biscuit specializes in.

Business Biscuit branding and logo mug.

For the primary colour scheme, we chose to use a maroon flavoured brown combined with an understated yellow. These two colours are rich and vibrant, so work well digitally but they also work exceptionally well reproduced in print.

We also use a secondary palette of green, red and blue which used sparingly across the website’s spacious white background highlight different areas (news, property, appointments, etc.).

Key to the rebranding was replacing the outdated Business Biscuit logo which was overly busy and very long (the words business and biscuit ran along one line rather than being stacked).

We shaped a letter B that hinted at an Oreo type layered biscuit, brown on the outside and white on the inside. By eliminating the two broken Bs from the original logo we were able to stack the words business and biscuit across two lines, making the overall feel much more streamlined.

Crucially, the new streamlined logo is a digital asset that can be used across the platform and works splendidly at any size.

Biscuit Business now has a brand, logo, website and social assets that set them up nicely to realize their ambitious plans to expand beyond Swindon and Wiltshire into Bristol, Bath and then Berkshire.