New website supports medical product launch.

Topa Thermal is a global leading innovator and supplier of thermal systems, designed to support the safe distribution of medicines, vaccines and other life-saving healthcare products for the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical industries.

New website supports the launch of Topa Thermal's °Connex line of thermal packaging.

They provide a large selection of thermal packaging components and the most comprehensive engineering and testing services available in the industry. Their temperature assurance solutions keep the most valuable and sensitive products within a safe temperature range during transit.

As the Dutch multinational works to establish its operations across Europe and America, Jazzbones have been working on a wide range of briefs for them, including branding, logo and their main website. Our latest project was to build a standalone website for the launch of their core products, the °Connex line of thermal packaging.

The °Connex line of products are industry-leading and innovative so the brief was to design a website with a suitably cutting-edge feel.

Built on Open Source, the new bespoke site uses blues and greens as its primary colours on clean white backgrounds. These are colours which are closely associated with the pharmaceutical industry but we use the colours in a more vibrant and digital way, almost neon-like, to create a more modern feel.

The Sans-serif typeface keeps things equally clean and modern and is easily legible against the neon-ish colours. Combined with a set of funky bespoke icons for different product solutions the website is very user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Crucially, the product solution finder (with a smart piece of coding behind it) is an easy way for Topa’s customers to see what size and temperature packaging solution they need at a glance.

Our clients at Topa Thermal are extremely pleased with the new °Connex website and we continue to work with them on a host of exciting design projects.