23 October 2020

Jazzbones create timely marketing campaign for innovative IT company.


Jazzbones Propel


‘Wave goodbye to expensive office space and say hello to remote working’ and ‘Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures’ – these were the ‘call to arms’ that Jazzbones created for Datalibrium as part of a ‘propel’ package to position the IT company as the lockdown began to effect the world of work.

The impact of the coronavirus swiftly demonstrated that many future business models would involve a degree of remote working. For some companies that will mean downsizing on office space, for others it might mean abandoning physical offices all together. In both cases, the economic savings can be huge.

Datalibrium is ideally placed to help companies make those savings. And as a company that provides Office 365, Telephony, IT support and above all, Cloud hosting, the Swindon-based business realized that the growth of remote working presented them with a real opportunity. The question was how to get that message across to potential new clients.



Signing up for Jazzbones’ crisis-busting ‘propel’ package (basically an unlimited creative service at a fixed rate for a fixed term), Datalibrium charged us with creating a campaign concept from scratch, authoring a marketing plan and then rolling it out across traditional and digital channels.

That involved creating a new landing page for their remote working offer, designing, writing and placing advertising campaigns, the takeover of targeted websites with banner ads, a comprehensive PR and social media campaign and telesales planning. One direct result of the the campaign was that we were able to increase Datalibrium’s visibility beyond their Swindon and Wiltshire base, especially across the Thames Valley, and always with that strong core message - by cutting down on expensive commercial space companies can invest in the things that they do best, whatever their sector. All thanks to Datalibrium’s industry leading hosting.




Nathan Sandhu 
Founder & Creative Director
Jazzbones Creative Ltd

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