21 April 2021


How much does branding for a start-up business cost?

Starting a new business can be daunting. You have a mountain of things to consider (premises, stock, staff, new business, finances, etc.) and your brand identity is just one of them.

Whatever your line of business, it’s vital to hit the ground running in terms of branding. Ideally, work with a team of results-driven design consultants who quickly understand your business, where you need to be positioned and what you actually need to get your brand up and running.

Jazzbones Graphic

There are lots of cost-effective off-the-shelf template websites like Canva that allow you to pull a simple logo together to get you going. Although there is lots of choice from these template sites, the logo is not tailored to your brand, your needs and your goals. It won’t be bespoke but it might make a reasonable short-term fix.

At Jazzbones we work closely with our clients to listen to their objectives and understand their unique selling proposition (USP), what makes you different from your competition. That’s what will help you stand out from your competitors in a sea of sameness and that’s what your branding should reflect.

We then get the creative process moving and at each stage of the project you get to work closely with your designated designer to ensure that you are part of the creative process. After all, it’s your business and your baby so the design needs to follow your vision and brand personality.

Typically, our branding budgets are tailored to your needs and specific brief, but to give you an idea of start-up package costs we have outlined three typical examples.


£599 Logo Design*

  • Logo x 3 options
  • Business card
  • Social avatar (basically, a small picture that represents your business on social media)


£1499 Starter Pack*

  • Logo x 3 options
  • Business stationery: business card, letterhead, email signature
  • Social avatar Template website; 5-page template website customized


£2499 Brand Package*

  • Positioning statement and strapline Logo x 3 options
  • Business stationery: business card, letterhead, email signature
  • Social avatar
  • Bespoke website; 5-page bespoke website design
  • Branded clothing; polo shirt
  • Branded vehicle; graphics for small car like a mini


The typical design process we follow at Jazzbones is; Initial consultation, Firm up scope and costs, Costs agreed, Design phase one, Client feedback, Design phase two, Client feedback, Create set of finals, Client sign off, Output finals for print and digital, Supply client finals for their use.

*Budgets are a guide and subject to brief, scope and full requirements. Unless stated, the budget does not include brand photography or illustration. These can be scoped separately.

Nathan Sandhu
Jazzbones Creative Founder and Creative Director