Honda bids farewell to Swindon site with hardback book.

As Honda’s time in Swindon comes to an end, Jazzbones embarked on one of our biggest projects with the car giants.

35 years of Honda history in 126 pages.

Jazzbones produced a beautifully designed and illustrated, 126-page hardback book which chronicles the history of the company in Swindon, a copy of which will be presented to every Honda associate (worker) as part of handsome farewell packs.

Packing 35 years of history into 126 pages proved a mammoth task involving the input, buy-in and sign off of senior Honda executives and marketing directors. At every stage of the process, we had to liaise with Honda’s comms team and take on board feedback from a wide range of stakeholders.

Honda of the UK Manufacturing Book

One key task was to go through several hundred photos to choose images that were of a high enough quality to go into a lavishly produced book. Even then, it took the considerable editing skills of Jazzbones photo editors and retouchers to get many of the images up to scratch. Retouching was the name of the game in order to make the book the best it could possibly be and print-ready.

The end result? Three thousand five hundred copies of an impeccably designed book in a special slipcase which will be a reminder to every last Honda worker of their contribution to the car maker’s success in Swindon.

Honda of the UK Manufacturing Book

“I have worked on many projects with Jazzbones so was confident they could deliver what was an extremely important project for our senior management team,” says Chloe Dodson, Internal Comms manager at Honda.

“They took on board all our feedback and were typically proactive in their approach. Wherever my career takes me next, I won’t hesitate to recommend Jazzbones for their branding and design skills.”