Video production for premium care home provider.

Video content is the preferred medium for consuming information for a majority of internet users.

High-quality video production showcases premium care homes..

Videos are also great storytellers. They can get your audience to connect and communicate with you on a deeper emotional level.

Coate Water Care is a family-run care home chain with a 25-year track-record of outstanding care. Its nine residential care homes across the South West and the Midlands specialize in providing care for people living with dementia. As such, they need to communicate with their target audience (normally family members of the person with dementia) on an emotional and empathetic level. Video is the perfect vehicle.

Jazzbones has planned, scripted, filmed and edited a series of videos for Coate Water Care. We also organize the casting, add motion graphics, hire the voice over artist and distribute the videos across digital channels.

One recent example was a video showcasing the £4 million makeover at Mockley Manor Care Home in rural Warwickshire. A case of more show than tell, the video highlights the values and expertise that lie at the heart of everything Coate Water Care does.

Other videos for the company feature interviews with key staff members and property tours. As a business, Coate Water Care invest huge amounts of money in the facilities – their homes look good and our skilfully shot videos make them look great! Jazzbones’ videos are high-value productions put together by our experienced team of video directors, editors, copywriters and CGI technicians. And because, everything is done in-house by experts who really know what they are doing, they are also surprisingly competitive when it comes to budgets.

Whether you run a one-person business from your basement, have a small start-up that’s just getting off the ground, or work for a giant multinational corporation, there are countless ways to use video to your advantage.”