The Park Academies Trust gets branding makeover.

New brand identity for The Park Academies Trust will be rolled out gradually across different Swindon schools.

The process began with branding workshops with the client’s team.

The Park Academies Trust is a multi-academy trust (MAT) with five schools and one sixth form in Swindon.

The Trust’s underlying aim is to build a group of like-minded local schools - ambitious schools focused on raising the aspirations of pupils, parents and staff alike.

As things stood when the Trust embarked on a rebranding journey with Jazzbones and our partners Reuben Digital, each of the schools had its own brand identity and visual identity.

Our remit was to create a new brand for the Trust which could be rolled out gradually across the different schools.

TPAT Branding Jazzbones

That began with a new logo and main website which will inform the individual websites and assets of the other schools moving forward – the idea was to create a family feel and make sure that each individual school is recognisably a part of the Trust family.

Following a comprehensive briefing workshop with the directors and staff of the Trust and their schools which gave us an understanding of their values and where they wanted to take the branding, we developed a logo marque that has multiple meanings.

- Hexagon – for the community (like a hive of bees) of schools, teachers, parents and importantly children
- Arrow – looking forward and aiming to achieve great things
- Rainbow – The rainbow colour palette for inclusivity

The way that the arrows interlock also denotes togetherness.

The colour palette and proposed imagery is vibrant and exciting and will work well on the digital format across multiple websites from the Trust’s main website to the individual, primary and secondary schools.

The logo type is a modern serif which steps away from the traditional ‘serif’ typography that is associated with the Trust’s schools currently.

It was important to develop a logo and way to modernise the Trust without losing the original feel for the individual schools; the ‘Hexagon’ device does this perfectly and is a great way for the Trust to grow organically, adding new schools along their growth journey.

The core branding and the Trust’s main website is the beginning of an ambitious journey and Jazzbones will be supporting the organization all the way as it transforms its visual identity.

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