Fundraising campaign for soldiers' charity.

Direct mail packs include letters, brochures, postcards, car stickers and response devices.

Jazzbones design powerful fundraising packs for army charity.

ABF The Soldiers’ Charity is the Army’s national charity, supporting soldiers, past and present, and their families for life. It stands at the forefront of support for the Army family, last year supporting 60,000 people in 63 countries around the world.

As one of the largest funders in the sector, it awards grants to individuals and families, and fund leading organisations that support soldiers, former soldiers, and their families. When it hears of a person or family in need, it aims to respond within 48 hours.

Jazzbones has a long track record of working with charities which led to ABF The Soldiers’ Charity approaching us to design two of its key annual fundraising packs.

For the first direct mail pack we chose the theme of “Family is the bond that ties us together’ which references actual family, comrades in the armed forces and the extended army family of which ABF The Soldiers’ Charity forms a part.

In terms of imagery, the pack used contemporary photos taken from case studies combined with sepia images of soldiers and their families taken during past conflicts. Jazzbones not only designed the bold looking pack, we also wrote it.

For the second pack, the theme was ‘The Soldiers’ Charity has stood shoulder to shoulder with the extended Army Family since World War Two’.

For imagery, we concentrated on powerful images of soldiers who had sadly lost their lives or suffered devastating injuries. Again, we designed and wrote the pack, which like the first pack, included segmentation and different versions for different warm and cold target groups.

The charity sector is competitive and the armed forces related charity sector even more so, but ABF The Soldiers’ Charity was delighted with the eye-catching nature of the Jazzbones packs and most importantly, highly satisfied with the eventual ROI.

Jazzbones has worked for national charities like ABF The Soldiers’ Charity, Bible Society or National Trust, and local charities like Prospect Hospice or Wiltshire Air Ambulance on a whole range of digital and traditional fundraising campaigns.

Good causes are close to our hearts, so if you have an upcoming fundraising campaign or a charity internal comms project on the horizon, we would love to hear from you.