Environmental Report for major Swindon company.

Hills cares passionately about the environment and about minimising any impacts on its neighbours. Jazzbones produced the 20-page document with a very quick turnaround time.

Swindon-based Hills Group of companies covers waste management, recycling, aggregates and more.

The Jazzbones team spends a lot of its time working on digital design, from websites to social media and digital advertising, but that doesn’t mean we have stopped doing traditional graphic design. That was the case with our latest job for Hills.

The Swindon-based Hills Group of companies covers waste management, recycling, aggregates, concrete and building quality new homes.

Sustainability is one of the main drivers for the Hills business. Whether extracting minerals, managing and recycling waste or building new homes, minimising the possible impact on neighbouring communities is an unrelenting commitment and is central to the Hills philosophy.



That sustainability commitment was documented in a 20-page Environmental Report designed by Jazzbones, available in print but also digitally.

Our remit was to produce an attractive document using Hills’ existing brand guidelines on a very tight deadline. This involved refining and formatting the content, recreating charts and making sure the graphs mirrored the branding.

Graphic design allows us to make our own mark whilst working with our clients' requirements. Whether you are a large company, an SME or a start-up, we would love to collaborate with you on graphic design projects.