Digital Strategy for Anglo Welsh Waterway Holidays.

160 Boats. 40 years’ experience. 11 locations. One state-of-the-art website.

Jazzbones launch new digital strategy and website for Anglo Welsh.

Jazzbones’ close working relationship with Anglo Welsh The Narrowboat Company has produced many successful design and branding projects in recent years. Now the company’s brand-new, mobile-responsive website and digital strategy is designed to make sure the 40-year-old company remain the UK’s go-to providers for narrow boat holidays in the 21st century.

Underpinning the new website is a bespoke platform coded from the ground up on the innovative ‘Reuben’ CMS (Content Management System) which helps content managers to update the site quickly and easily. This is vital for a provider that generates considerable business from holiday offers with limited availability online.

Wichelstowe Website

Given that more and more users access travel websites from mobile devices, another key feature of the website is its mobile-responsive design. Anglo Welsh’s new mobile-friendly site is part of an integral approach to marketing and sales that embraces e-commerce, Social media and digital marketing campaign strategy.

160 Boats. 40 years’ experience. 11 locations. One state-of-the-art website. Anglo Welsh now boast a one-stop digital shop containing all the information their customers need to find the perfect narrow boat holiday. Clear layout and signposting combined with bold visuals and bespoke photos guarantee a positive experience for all users, whether at home on their PCs or on the move using mobiles and tablets.

Anglo Welsh The Narrowboat Holiday Company have seen a 14.5% uplift in sales since the launch of the digital campaign and new website.