30 November 2016

Charities can engage and retain donors with intelligent eCRM.


Life is not fair. If it was, many charities could pack up and go home tomorrow. Likewise, there is nothing intrinsically ‘fair’ about the way people decide which NGO to donate to.

The bottom line – literally - is this. However worthy your charity’s cause may be, if you don’t engage donors with the right messages at the right time, even your most committed supporters will take their donations elsewhere. The Third Sector is nothing if not brutally competitive.

In the ‘Brave New World’ of instant communications, fragmented audiences and savvy donors, the charity that does not embrace new technology and deploy effective eCRM (Electronic Customer Relationship Management) is on the road to extinction.

“When I worked in the National Trust fundraising team, CLV (Customer Lifetime Value) was mapped out in precise stages,” says Jazzbones copywriter Jeff King. “It varied from supporter to supporter, but the ideal CLV map read something like this: Visitor to National Trust property becomes NT Member > Cash Member becomes Direct Donor Member > Member makes one-off donation > One-off Donor becomes Regular Donor > Member upgrades (e.g. from Individual to Family Member) > Regular Donor becomes Major Donor/Benefactor. In some cases, a supporter journey begins with a one-off visit to a NT country house and ends decades later with a legacy!”

“But here’s the crucial thing, if you’re not in touch with supporters throughout that journey you will lose them – and high-powered intelligent CRM is the tool that allows you to personalize comms so that each individual receives bespoke messages in a timely fashion. It’s no good sending a Membership Reminder in June to a member who renews in December, or a fundraising appeal for a stately home near London to a supporter who only donates to garden projects in Wales!”

The beauty of eCRM is that you can communicate with supporters using all the latest online technology (mobile-responsive websites, direct marketing via email, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) and mobile phone platforms. Not so long ago donations to Disaster Appeals could take days or weeks to arrive; by contrast, mobile users have texted hundreds of thousands of pounds to Unicef’s Syrian Appeal which arrive almost instantaneously. eCRM can also be used by staff working in the field, whether collecting donor information or using secure access to databases.

Jazzbones has a proud track record helping charities like Bible Society, White Horse Housing, Digisheds, Wiltshire Air Ambulance and ABF The Soldiers’ Charity communicate with their supporters and donors.

Jeff King
Lead Copywriter

To discuss how Jazzbones eCRM can help you engage your supporters and recruit more donors, please contact Nathan Sandhu on 01793 847300