Care provider Coate Water Care gets a fresh new look for their advertising campaign.

Over the last two decades, Coate Water Care has earned an outstanding reputation amongst its peers.

Jazzbones work in much the same way as in-house branding and design team would.

— Background

One of Jazzbones most enduring and fruitful relationships is with family-owned care provider, Coate Water Care. Over the last two decades, Coate Water Care has earned an outstanding reputation amongst its peers, from local councils and hospitals to doctors and nurses.

Its nine care homes in Swindon, Wiltshire, Gloucester, Warwickshire and Worcestershire are housed in bespoke buildings that are constantly updated and boast the most modern facilities.

During our relationship with Coate Water Care, they have expanded the number of care homes they own and manage, and have been very effective in attracting new care home residents; primarily by targeting family members of residents-to-be. In other words, the people who tend to make the decision about care provision. The Jazzbones created the brand slogan, “We care because you care” which was the foundation that strategy.

— The Challenge

As they continue to grow, the challenge that Coate Water Care faces is how to stand out from other care homes in what is an extremely competitive market.

Like the competition, Coate Water Care’s messaging has tended to focus on their outstanding carers and how they support the residents. Visually, that has meant lots of images showing carers supporting residents in a variety of settings.

But Coate Water Care residents and their families are always encouraged to play an active role in their care choices and the type of activities they participate in.

— Strategy

Our new strategy for Coate Water involves attracting new care home residents with a proposition centred on the idea that every resident can lead a positive life and live in a luxury environment, a life informed by their own choices.

Coate Water Care Advert Spread

— Result

The result of this change of emphasis can be seen in our latest advertising campaign for Coate Water Care. Alongside the headline ‘Lounge. Love. Laugh.” we see a smiling senior lady dressed in bold colours, multicoloured beads and colourful sunglasses. At first glance you might think it is an ad for a cruise line or a party venue, not a care home.

What it does show is a positive image of an older person who clearly still has a zest for life, in stark contrast to the typical more conservative care home advertising, which is much more about carers or nurses ‘in charge of’ more patients.

Naturally, this is a proposition Coate Water Care can deliver on as each of their care homes offers a wide variety of activities, from days out to cinema nights, singing, dancing, gardening and age-appropriate work outs. Crucially, residents get to play an active role in choosing what is best for them.

— What the Client says

Jamie Smith, Managing Director at Coate Water Care says: “Having worked with Nathan and the team at Jazzbones over many years we know that they can pick up and run with day-to-day briefs with admirable flexibility. But their deep understanding of our brand means they can also deliver when it comes to strategic shifts. Jazzbones work in much the same way as in-house branding and design team would.”

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