22 October 2016

Bespoke video brochures are a stylish and innovative way to connect with your clients, dealers, supporters and donors

By 2017, video will account for some 70% of all consumer internet traffic. Video is the future of content marketing and companies that ignore this fact do so at their peril. But it’s not just online where video is key to successful marketing communications. Video brochures are another fabulous marketing tool, especially for direct marketing.

Video brochures typically consist of a flat screen inside a traditional brochure or hardback book cover. Operating free of wires, internet access or software downloads the format is incredibly user-friendly; all your client has to do is open the brochure, press ‘Play’ and your chosen multimedia presentation is off and running. Screen sizes range from 2.4” to 10” and the most popular size, 4.3”, is even available as a HD option. Video brochures tend to be pretty short, maybe a minute or two, but the standard 128MB Memory Card can be expanded to 8GB, the equivalent of 2-3 hours running time.

Jazzbones has designed a series of bespoke video brochures for the German multinational Miele, producers of premium domestic appliances and kitchens. In doing so, we’ve experienced first-hand how much of a positive impact the brochures make when used in meetings or during presentations. The Miele brochures were distributed to targeted dealers in order to promote new product ranges, customer events and special offers. However, some of the videos were so popular that dealers ended up deploying them as POS in showrooms, notably in John Lewis and Harrods.

Miele have been delighted with the results from this impactful direct marketing format, reporting a boost in both sales and take-up rates for events. Video brochures have also been used successfully by charities like Oxfam, Soccer Aid and The Naked Heart Foundation. Research shows that seven in 10 people view brands in a more positive light after watching stimulating and relevant video content. As an added bonus, video brochures can be used for a diverse range of communications, among them:

Direct Marketing
Media Packs
Internal Communications
Product Guides
Event Giveaways

As a design and branding agency, Jazzbones have an enviable track record of producing effective packaging and brochures for all manner of clients. As an added bonus, our extended team includes highly experienced video producers and art directors with an extensive portfolio of corporate videos.

That makes Jazzbones the perfect one-stop solution for your company’s video brochure requirements.