AIS Swindon gets a cost-effective website makeover.

One of the first things I learned after joining the Jazzbones team is that we work on very few genuinely one-off projects.

Cost-effective website makeover.

Some projects you know from the get-go will be ongoing - say, a major rebranding process that is followed by a gradual roll-out of different assets – others may start off as one-off briefs, but invariably clients come back to us at some stage for more support.

Of course, in a digital world it is far easier to replicate, enhance or develop an existing piece of work. In many cases, that means taking a digital platform we have already built – for example, a website and content management system (CMS) – and then adding fresh layers and content as and when needed.

Last year, we helped GHS IT Services implement a top to bottom rebranding process. This year it has been the turn of their sister company Advance Imaging Systems (AIS) to receive the Jazzbones website refresh treatment.

AIS supply quality equipment from Konica Minolta, Kyocera and Toshiba, and make sure their customers receive the best possible advice, support, maintenance and service.

Their market has become more specialized with the addition of Document workflow, managed print services, network scanning, archiving and various document management software. A key part of our remit was to make sure that AIS’s branding was in tune with these developments and help them push their new messages to customers.

One of the great things about using Jazzbones for website design and development is that our CMS platforms can be amended and tweaked regularly at a modest cost. In a nutshell you can receive added value to existing platforms without breaking the bank. This can be done on a job-by-job basis or as part of a longer-term strategic contract.

The new AIS website was structured using a banner/grid style forms to help the customer with a clean and informative look, making it accessible and mobile friendly, providing easy navigation for all audiences. 

The font we used was Open Sans, chosen because it was a highly legible Google font that fits the brand nicely. The colours reflect the existing brand with new gradients using the existing primary colours.

AIS are a great client to work with and I am sure they will come back to us periodically for brand and marketing makeovers as they expand as a company.