11 April 2018

A Starter’s Guide to creating a strong brand identity – 5 top tips from Jazzbones Creative


Some Jazzbones clients have big marketing teams and their own branding wizards. Others are start-ups with tremendous products or services to sell but with no experience when it comes to creating an effective brand identity. We love working with both kinds of client, but here are a few starter tips for those who have never been involved in creating a brand identity.

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1. It starts with a message. Who are you?

You can’t build a strong brand identity until you know exactly what you stand for. Ask yourself the big ‘W’ questions. Who are we and what are our goals? What are we selling? Where are we selling it? Who are we selling it to? What makes our company different from competitors? Which is the most effective way to transmit our company DNA and company ethos?

2. Branding is not just your logo. Think of the bigger picture.

Branding is not just about your logo, it’s about every single piece of communication between you and your customers or potential customers; that means everything they see and hear about your company.

- How do you want to be presented? Like your fashion sense, first impressions are key!
- It’s not just visual identity that’s important, tone of voice can be equally crucial. If you are talking to your audience in the wrong language you will never get your message across.

3. Great visuals for a great brand.

Focusing on your company values and ethos, how do you want to be portrayed visually?

- Your logo is like your signature. It needs to be memorable and it needs to reflect you and your business.
- The way the public sees you is important - are you corporate, playful, or green? Think of witty and eye-catching ways to show off your personality.
- Every detail of a brand identity reflects the personality of a business, from professional font choice, colour palette and even hero imagery. Think carefully about your image choice as this can really boost a great narrative.

4. Consistency is Key!

- Make sure your image and message are consistent throughout your promotion and marketing. Make sure to set some rules and have effective brand guidelines. If people see consistency, they will sense you are an effective professional company that stands by what they offer.
- Make sure your brand works in both print and web media and looks consistent. Make sure colours that work well on the web also print perfectly.
- And make sure all supporting graphics work in the same fashion across all media and formats.

5. Evolve with the times, learn when to break the rules.

Though brand guidelines are important, sometimes you need to keep it fresh and shake things up to really grab the attention of your audience. We suggest freshening up a brand once a year, even if it’s a subtle direction change. Change can help bring in new customers and show old ones you are progressing. Be bold … when it comes to branding and marketing, fortune favours the brave.

Creating your strong brand identity starts here!

Jazzbones has more than a decade’s experience helping our clients create effective brand identities. We have worked with companies big and small. We have transformed existing brands and created brand identities from scratch. And we have done all this in multiple sectors – travel, tourism, retail, manufacturing, property, care and charity.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you evolve your brand or how to build a strong brand identity from the get-go.

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