02 February 2018

Jazzbones Creative – 5 Top Tips for Social Media success

It is sometimes said that Social Media is the easy way for any business to reach its target audience. That’s an exaggeration, but the growth of Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Linked-In, etc. has certainly levelled the playing field when it comes to marketing. Used strategically, Social Media platforms offer businesses of all shapes and sizes unprecedented access to targeted audiences. And unlike traditional media formats, Social Media campaigns can help your company reach large audiences in record time without breaking the bank.

What is also true is that Social Media can be a minefield for the uninitiated. Luckily for our clients, Jazzbones are experts at navigating our way through murky digital waters, so without further ado here are our top 5 tips for Social Media success.

1. Do your research and find out where your online audience is.

You can have the most original and eye-catching Facebook posts imaginable, but you will be whistling in the digital wind if your target audience are only active on Linked-in, Twitter or Instagram.

2. Make sure your content looks professional.

Social Media’s accessibility makes every teenager and their acne-ridden posse a blogger, but that doesn’t mean your business can get away with shoddy visuals. If you’re asking people to part with their well-earned cash or to engage with you in a way that makes your posts go viral they need to trust you. DIY Design does not inspire consumer confidence; attractive, professionally designed content does.

3. Content is King.

So they say; and when it comes to Social Media, content is king, queen, knight and every darn piece on the board. If it ain’t bespoke and it ain’t engaging, rest assured that Social Media users will send you to digital Coventry. At Jazzbones we specialize in bespoke content. Some clients get us to do website posts with Twitter feeds, others prefer Facebook infographics and animations. For some, we mix video promotions with competitions, others prefer insider news stories and sector updates. Some require content posted on a daily basis, others prefer a more staggered approach. The goals might be increased web traffic or ‘Likes’, lead generation, sales, or web referrals, but whatever the target, Jazzbones can provide ALL of the content, taking the stress away from clients.

4. Ask the right questions.

Creating an integral Social Media strategy involves asking traditional marketing questions about target audience, key message, tone of voice, etc. - but it also raises a bunch of new questions. Which social platforms match your target audience? What type of content to post? How to optimize SEO? What metrics to use? It is vital to answer these key questions before embarking on your Social Media adventure.

5. Use the Professionals. 

If the use of Social Media as a marketing and communication tool does have minor drawbacks, they relate to expertise and time. This reality leads the savvy business person to a key question: does my organization have the in-house personnel and resources to generate relevant content, manage the flow of information and track results – day in, day out? For many companies – even larger companies - the answer is no. Which is where Social Media design and development specialists like Jazzbones step in.

In the past we have designed Social Media strategies for companies who eventually take over the content management. But more typically, clients find it more efficient to delegate the day-to-day management to our under-one-roof experts – Social Media planners, designers, copywriters, illustrators and animators. It is an approach that works successfully for clients in diverse sectors including travel and leisure companies, estate agents, care providers, charities and legal practices.

By doing what we do best, you can concentrate on what you do best.

illustrated profile photo of Nathan Sandhu.

Nathan Sandhu 
Creative Director

To find out how Jazzbones Creative can ignite your Social Media campaigns, contact Nathan Sandhu on 01793 847300 or email us on info@jazzbones.co.uk