Graduate video for pharmaceutical innovators.

Senior directors and graduate interns expound the Patheon philosophy in graduate recruitment video.

‘A Healthier World. Delivered.’ Graduate Recruitment.

As the world’s leading provider of pharmaceutical development services, Patheon, part of Thermo Fisher Scientific, is constantly striving to recruit the next generation of scientists, researchers and technicians..

They require professionals who are passionate about making a difference to people’s lives – hence the company motto: ‘A Healthier World. Delivered.’ As part of its UK recruitment drive, the prescription drugs manufacturer hired Jazzbones to produce a video which attracts more local graduates and apprentices to work at the company’s site in Swindon.

When you watch a TV weather forecaster standing in front of a map, they are in fact standing in front of a green screen – the background is added later using Chroma Key editing software. But why a green screen? Because separating the background from people in videos is easier if the former is made of a solid colour not found in human skin tones, and green fits the bill perfectly! In this case, the Jazzbones production team shot two green screen videos in the boardroom of Patheon’s Swindon offices - the picturesque background view glimpsed through the window was added in the editing suite using a cropped still.

The first recruitment video features interviews with senior executives, the second graduate interns. In both cases, the conversations focus on the inclusive nature of the Patheon family, virtues that should attract job applicants as the videos are rolled out on the company website and across Social Media.