Jazzbones branding and design drives clients’ business in the automotive sector.

We have worked extensively with both global automotive players and local firms.

Honda of the UK Manufacturing is one client that has entrusted multiple projects to Jazzbones.

The UK automotive industry is a vital part of the UK economy worth more than £60.2 billion turnover, with some 156,400 people employed directly in manufacturing and in excess of 797,300 across the wider automotive industry.

Over 859,000 cars, 72,913 commercial vehicles and 1.6 million engines were built in the UK in 2021.

That’s all a very big deal and the Jazzbones team always gets excited about projects in the automotive sector.

For over six years, we have worked extensively with Honda of the UK Manufacturing on a whole range of branding and design projects, most notably internal communications.

As an introduction, the Jazzbones video team created infographic style storyboards, sourced voice-over artists, and developed motion graphics which were then mixed with Honda’s existing B-roll footage to create an exciting and powerful video introduction to the site’s manufacturing capabilities in Swindon.

At the other end of the cycle, when Honda closed its factory doors in 2022, we produced a beautifully designed and illustrated, 126-page hardback book which chronicled the history of the company in Swindon, a copy of which was presented to every Honda worker (Associate) as part of handsome farewell packs.

“I have worked on many projects with Jazzbones so was confident they could deliver what was an extremely important project for our senior management team,” said Chloe Dodson, former Internal Comms manager at Honda.

“They took on board all our feedback and were typically proactive in their approach. Wherever my career takes me next, I won’t hesitate to recommend Jazzbones for their branding and design skills.”

Honda may have shut its factory doors in the UK, but that doesn’t mean that Jazzbones has stopped working for the multinational.

On our latest compelling project for Honda, we worked closely with the Sustainability team at Honda Europe to develop a video narrative that conveys the organisation’s Sustainable Development Goals and objectives to Honda associates across Europe.

The Jazzbones video team planned, storyboarded, filmed on location in Bracknell, developed the motion graphics, produced the voice-over and provided Honda with the assets to share it with their associates.

Honda Motoring Europe_Sustainability Video

Another company that Jazzbones has worked extensively with is Fleetcor / Allstar Business Solutions, provider of fuel cards to more than 38,000 businesses and one million drivers.

Over several years, Jazzbones have forged a fruitful relationship with Allstar on many design and branding briefs, from fully-fledged rebranding exercises to cost-effective marketing collateral and online assets, including digital display screens, direct mail packs and full-colour brochures.

Allstar have several sub-brands which needed redesigning/refining so that they all sit in line with each other as well as feeling like their own individual brand. We developed each one meticulously to create a set of brand guidelines, so that Allstar’s marketing team have a set of long-term brand assets which they can roll out whilst keeping consistency.

Some of Allstar’s existing marketing materials lacked consistency, so it was a case of taking the core essence of each brand and carefully refining and evolving what we had into something new. Some of the sub-brands were developed in the existing style whilst others – including those for eco vehicles and non-fuel cards - required a fresh tone of voice.

As well as the brand guidelines we created a set of templates for each marketing medium in order to provide guidance as to how materials should look. For example, sale sheets, product brochures, PowerPoint slide decks, emailers, letters and social posts.

Allstar Business Solutions Brand Toolkit

But it is not just global players that Jazzbones works with, we also have a wealth of experience helping local companies with branding, graphic design, website and digital projects.

One of the other characteristics that defines Jazzbones is our ability to take on projects with a rapid turnaround. That was the case when Swndon-based bodyshop Smart Car UK came to us with an urgent need to rebuild their website when they were let down by their previous web provider.

The key thing here was continuity; the last thing Smart Car wanted was for the website to be down for any period of time. We were able to ensure zero downtime while our Wordpress developers made some tweaks to the design and content to make the website more user-friendly, including writing SEO friendly news stories.

Jazzbones Automotive

As part of our response to the pandemic, Jazzbones launched our innovative Propel packages, aimed at helping our clients in uncertain times with all-inclusive graphic design services for a fixed price over a fixed period of time.

It was an offer that attracted clients both large and small, one of the former being ALD Automotive, a global automotive company that specializes in leasing vehicles UK-wide for whom we had previously branded and designed a multimedia ALD Mobility Experience Centre in Bristol.

At a time where they suddenly found themselves short of internal marketing resources, they were able to access Jazzbones’ ready-made and ready-to-go design team.

As part of their Propel package, ALD was able to secure from Jazzbones a wide range of projects including graphic design, PowerPoint presentations, social media content, website graphics, product data sheets and white papers. A case of marketing business as usual.

Jazzbones Record Player