Nathan Sandhu - Jazzbones Founder  
Building effective brands since 2005

Founding Jazzbones in 2005 was the realisation of a dream … to front my own creative studio before I was 30! Running your own business can be a 24/7 challenge, but I’m still very much hands-on when it comes to the design side of things.

Overall, I’ve been in the design and marketing industry for more than 20 years. I started as a graphic designer at a Swindon-based marketing agency when print still ruled the waves. I designed my first website in 1997 and worked for several specialist agencies in Bristol and Swindon, focusing on branding, packaging and retail interiors. I decided to go freelance in 2003 and a swiftly growing client base gave me the spur to form Jazzbones in 2005. I now head a crack team of designers, developers, animators, photographers and marketing consultants.

My founding principles were to provide quality, cost-effective design and marketing services that generate significant ROI for every single client. The thing that makes me proudest about Jazzbones is the enduring character of our client relationships; our collaboration with Miele, to name just one, has been going strong for over 10 years now. We must be doing something right when so many clients refer to us as ‘partners’!

Nathan involves placing values at the heart of the business he dubs Jazzbones Creative. That means a commitment to working with local companies that share his vision of Swindon as a business location that punches way above its weight, and a belief in investing time and resources in helping local charities with branding and fundraising. It is a vision that involves giving local talent its head, but at the same time, producing designs that attract clients from far and wide.

Approaching a decade and a half later, Nathan’s vision is very much a reality. Over the last 14 years Jazzbones have built some enduring partnerships, becoming an extension of many a client’s in-house team, working collaboratively with a network of suppliers and creative professionals to deliver bespoke, cost-effective solutions.

As you can probably guess from the company name I’m a huge jazz fan. I love the classic Blue Note LP covers from the 50s/60s; a prime example of great packaging that really established a recognisable brand identity.


Nathan’s Career Highlights


• Design and marketing industry for over 20+ years

• Designed his first website back in 1997

• Worked for various specialist agencies in Swindon and the South West focused on branding, packaging, interiors and online

• Went freelance in 2003 and very quickly built a wide client base so started Jazzbones Creative

• Founding principles were to provide quality and cost-effective design and marketing services that generate genuine ROI

• Now heads up a team of a crack creative commandos: designers, web developers, animators, photographers, consultants and selected partners

• Really proud of the enduring client partnerships that Jazzbones have built; some like Miele UK and Anglo Welsh Waterway Holidays now lasting 10+ years