Eye-catching brochure showcases Swindon Borough Council’s Economic Masterplan

As enthusiastic Swindon Ambassadors and active participants in the ‘Switch on to Swindon’ campaign, the whole team at Jazzbones Creative is always delighted to support the ambitions of our fantastic hometown in any way we can.

During this exciting time in Swindon’s growth we were asked by Swindon Borough Council (SBC) to design a bespoke brochure detailing Swindon’s Economic Strategy, setting out the council’s bold ambition to grow Swindon’s economy over the coming decades.

The on-brand 36-page brochure is an essential document that details plans to attract investment to Swindon in order to create jobs, wealth and prosperity for local people and communities. SBC’s long-term economic strategy places innovative sectors like Automotive and Aerospace, Digital Economy, Low Carbon Technologies, and Fintech (Financial Technology) at the heart of the town’s sustainable growth. As digitally-savvy, forward-thinking design and brand specialists, that certainly gets the Jazzbones Creative seal of approval.



Swindon Borough Council makes no secret of its far-reaching plans for one of the UK’s fastest growing towns. The Jazzbones Creative brief was to reveal those plans in their full glory by creating a beautifully designed, user-friendly brochure that presents SBC’s economic strategy to 2026 with exciting broad strokes and meticulous attention to detail. Based on the very positive feedback, it’s a case of job done!



"It has been a great pleasure to work with the designers and account directors at Jazzbones Creative. They have fantastic creative flair and an eye for detail, and worked wonders with the images and copy that I provided for Swindon’s Economic Strategy. A highly recommended creative team." 

Senior Commissioner Growth & Regeneration - Swindon Borough Council

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